Easy Life Hacks for the On-The-Go Mom

by Amanda Mushro

We all know that staying home and snuggling our newborn sounds like absolute heaven, but pretty quickly we start thinking “Someone give me that diaper bag because this baby and I need to get out of this HOUSE!” But before you head out the door, check out my favorite new mom hacks to make all those adventures with baby just a little easier.

Diaper Blowout Hacks– Sometimes a whole lot of wipes just doesn’t make a dent in the mess of a huge diaper blow out. If you’re at home, you can just plop your baby in the tub, but if you’re out, here are a few Mom Hacks to survive even the most brutal diaper blow out:

  • In a small travel spray bottle, mix water and a few drops of mineral oil, baby oil, or coconut oil and toss it in your diaper bag. This magic mixture is perfect when you are in need of serious cleanup after a blow out and even dried-on messes. Good times, Mama.
  • Never leave home without a roll of dog poo bags in your diaper bag. They’re perfect for dirty diapers, but more importantly you’ll use them for things like clothes that didn’t survive a diaper blow out or leaks, messy bottles or sippy cups, and basically any mess you can’t prepare for—and there will be a lot of them.
  • When you get home, don’t toss out messy clothes that didn’t survive the blow out. Save them with a mixture of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. Let the mixture sit before laundering and wash normally. I’ve even used this on set-in stains and was shocked at how it cleaned those old stains.

Pumping On The Go: This mom hack is a game changer! If you’re pumping but you don’t have any bottles, all you need is a breast milk storage bag, tape, and a breast pump. Rather than attach a bottle to the bottom of your manual or automatic breast pump, slide it into the top of the storage bag and tape it securely. Bam—no bottles to clean and your milk is ready for storage.

Quick Cover Up: Toss an infinity scarf into your diaper bag for a quick nursing cover up. You can also use the scarf to save your back and create a sling if you’re carrying a heavy toddler on your hip. Just put the scarf under their bottom while they’re on your hip, wrap the scarf around the other side of your body (up and over your opposite shoulder) and tie in the front. While this scarf won’t fully support your child, it’s a great way to take some of the weight and pressure off your back.

Keep It Organized: If you’re packing a diaper bag for more than one kid, start with a few pencil pouches. You’ll be shocked at how much you can fit into these zippered pouches—diapers, wipes, travel-sized tubes of your fave diaper rash cream (like my go-to Boudreaux’s Butt Paste), change of clothes (OK, maybe a few extra changes—their clothes are pretty small), extra pacifiers, and even a few snacks. You can color code them for each kid and just toss them in your diaper bag and off you go!

Save Dried Up Wipes: Just mix two cups of distilled water and a ¼ cup of baby shampoo and pour the mixture over the dried wipes. They’ll be like new in minutes!

Emergency Car Kit: Never get stuck without a diaper again or having to use dirty changing tables! Yuck! This will cut down on the bulk of your diaper bag. Grab a small plastic storage bin and toss in a few diapers, wipes inside a freezer bag, a portable changing pad, a change of clothes for baby and for you (sometimes you’re collateral damage), and of course, your most trusted products to help your baby comfy and happy.

We all know the best mom hacks are the ones we learn from other moms, so I want to hear yours! Stop by to see me during Babypalooza at the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste booth to share your favorite mom hacks with me! Then put your diaper changing skills to the test, because Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and I are holding a diaper changing contest and there is $500 up for grabs for the speediest changer! I can’t wait to meet you!

Karyn Ravin