Five Ways to Personalize A Superhero Party For Your Child

by Jamar Ramos,

When the world is in danger from the forces of evil, who will you call for protection? How about your super son or daughter? There’s no better way to help your child live out their superhero fantasies than with a party filled with superhero designs! While you may think it’s a bunch of hard work to put this type of party together, you don’t have to do it alone! Here are five fun ways to personalize a superhero-themed party for your child.

Design Amazing Invitations
Whenever a new hero steps onto the scene, he or she needs a way to announce his or herself. How else will the citizenry know who they can count on? A set of custom invitations can serve as a calling card, letting all of the people know who will save them in their time of need (as well as the time, date, and location of the festivities!) With Zazzle, you can upload a picture of your son or daughter and make them look just like a superhero.

Create Paper Plates, Napkins, and Cups
Saving the world is hard work. Even the strongest of heroes needs refreshment and nourishment to replenish their super powers. A set of beautifully designed paper plates, cups, and napkins will hold the food and drink necessary to recharge our young heroes and help them continue partying–I mean, saving the world from the forces of evil.

Personalize Matching Shirts for Guests
As superheroes become more popular, the citizens they protect will begin to wear clothing emblazoned with the heroes’ symbol as a sign of respect and love. Many of them will desire to be more like their hero, and their clothing is a sign of that desire. Not to mention, it really brings the party together.

Make a Banner or Bunting Flags
Superheroes constantly put themselves in danger to ensure the safety of their city. It can be a thankless job, but sometimes even a hero could use a little recognition for all that they do. Why not hang a banner or a line of blunting flags to create a fun day of honor for your young hero!

Fashion Your Own Favor Bags
After a day filled with revelry, hero worship, and tasty foods, all of the guests will be ready to head home and catalogue their memories of the day. Send them along with some great favor bags fill with goodies from the festivities! With Zazzle, you can personalize the bag itself, plus goodies like sticerks, buttons and a tasty treat.

Be the Real Superhero
It’s a lot of work, but putting together a personalized superhero party for your child will create lasting memories of a glorious day. With personalized invitations, favor bags, banners or bunting flags, T-shirts, and paper cups, plates, and napkins, you’ll craft a theme that your son or daughter will love. You’ll be the real superhero, your cape flapping in the wind behind you!

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Karyn Ravin