One-on-One with KABRITA Co-Founder Carolyn Ansley

Babypalooza presenter Karyn Ravin, from Maletzky Media, sat down with KABRITA co-founder Carolyn Ansley to find out more about this incredibly innovative feeding solution. Carolyn is an inspirational role model for all women hoping to succeed in business. As an entrepreneur, she makes it her mission to not only offer a quality product, but also act socially responsible by serving as a resource for parents looking for alternative nutritional options for their infants. We can’t wait for you to meet her and her team at Babypalooza!

Maletzky Media: Why did you start KABRITA?
Carolyn: Goat milk formula, which didn’t exist in the U.S. until our launch in 2014, is a break-through product solution for children who may experience symptoms associated with cow milk sensitivity. When I was first introduced to the idea of launching a non-GMO, naturally easy to digest goat milk formula by a client in 2011, I was struck by the obvious gap in the marketplace. The products, coupled with my personal passion for nutrition education, lead to the birth of KABRITA USA.

MM: What is KABRITA?
Carolyn: KABRITA is a line of products based on goat milk. Goat milk has several unique properties that make it naturally easy to digest and well tolerated by children who may suffer from cow milk sensitivity. Cow milk sensitivity can cause symptoms such as constipation, congestion, eczema, gas, and spit-up.

MM: Who is KABRITA right for?
Carolyn: KABRITA is specially designed to meet the needs of a weaning baby from 12 months of age. Some parents chose to wean earlier, later, or to supplement. Our formula may be a solution for those with cow milk sensitivity, as well as parents looking for a premium formula that has a mild smell and taste. People can learn more about the benefits of KABRITA Goat Milk Formula in the “Why Goat Milk” section of our website.

MM: What do you hope people understand most about your brand?
Carolyn: Besides the fact that our products truly taste great, it’s important to remember that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every family and every child has unique needs and these needs are best addressed through education and discussion with a healthcare professional. Nutrition education is our passion and at the heart of everything we do—from our labels to full transparency across our communication materials and blog. This includes helping parents understand the many gentle benefits of goat milk and other KABRITA ingredients. Though new to the baby nutrition scene in the U.S., goat milk is the most commonly consumed milk in the world in large part because of its naturally easy to digest qualities.

MM: What are you most looking forward to at Babypalooza?
Carolyn: KABRITA is thrilled to be able to answer questions about our product line first-hand. We are huge believers in the power of relationships, so the chance to meet in person with so many wonderful bloggers and media representatives in one place is an amazing opportunity!

Be sure to follow KABRITA on social @HelloKabrita and meet them at Maletzky Media’s Babypalooza on Day 2 of BBNYC!

Karyn Ravin