Read the Story of Baby Tula

by Priscilla Parra, social media manager at Baby Tula

The story of Baby Tula began when founders, Ula and Mike, met in the U.S. Each had a strong desire to travel and see the world and set out on many adventures. While they explored the world, their family grew with the birth of their daughter. At that time, they experienced how convenient babywearing was and how much it benefits both parent and baby.

A few years later, their son was born and they tried many different carriers—never finding one that completely met their needs. They enlisted the help of their Ba Noi (Vietnamese for Grandma) to help sew a carrier designed to their own specifications. And, the rest is history!

Today, Baby Tula is proud to be at the forefront of the modern babywearing movement. It combines style, quality, bold designs, and ergonomic positioning, to help families keep doing what they love with popular and stylish baby carriers, woven wraps, ring slings, and baby blankets.

A love for Baby Tula products has ignited a passionate community of families across the world. Through online groups and local meet-ups, Tula carriers have created a community of mothers, fathers, and other caregivers who connect and share joy over babywearing, and specifically Baby Tula’s newest products, releases, and other special moments.

A variety of online community groups have formed to allow for followers of Baby Tula to discuss upcoming releases, favorite prints and designs, and ask questions. The online community has become a welcoming place for new mothers and families to make connections extending beyond their love of Tula. Many have also found other common interests and a way to embrace a new identify.

Baby Tula fan groups have started all over the world, from our local San Diego group all the way to Singapore. Regular meet ups and tip-sharing through independently organized Facebook groups help to create friendship and bonding.

Recently, we were so honored to learn that the largest online community of Tula fans (Tula Love) organized a day to celebrate their love for Tula carriers and the friends that it can create. There were over 100 playdates across the world, including Australia, India, Mexico and Canada. In an effort to bring over 78,000 Tula Love members to meet in person, the Tula Love playdates helped people make connections worldwide and with their local babywearers over a common love of Baby Tula.

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Karyn Ravin