The Private Photo Sharing App That Has Grandparents Hooked

Photos on social media and blog posts offer people a glimpse into your life but it’s never going to be enough to satisfy the grandparents.

The Tinybeans app is perfect for parents who want to share ALL the photos with just family and close friends and are mindful of their child’s digital footprint by creating an online baby album.

The unique calendar format organizes all the everyday moments you and your family will treasure forever and the best bit is you can ‘set and forget’ when it comes to sending updates.

At the end of each day, automatic email updates are sent out by Tinybeans which grandparents all over the world call the ‘highlight of their day’. Users can access the app or the web, which has been designed for all technological levels. You can also take those memories from the computer to the coffee table by easily creating a printed photo book. 

Tinybeans was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2012 and now has over 1.7m users worldwide.

Join the Tinybeans Team at Babypalooza for a champagne treat at the Tinybeans MOMmosa bar to find out more about their influencer programs.



Karyn Ravin