Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss to present new baby collection at Babypalooza at Blogger Bash!

You may know her from the hours you have dedicated to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but what you might not know is that music mogul Kandi Burruss has a brand new baby collection called Raising Ace. Inspired by her son Ace, Kandi has created a line of stylish unisex baby clothes and accessories that are sure to be a hit among everyone at Babypalooza at Blogger Bash.  

We had the opportunity to sit down with Kandi to find out more about Raising Ace, and we cannot wait for you to have a chance to meet her yourself at Babypalooza at Blogger Bash on July 12!

What inspired you to launch Raising Ace (other than your adorable son!)?

KB: Having another child 13 years after my first reminded me of how it feels to be a new mom. Even though I had been through this before I had forgotten some things. You always want to know what’s the best items that are good for your kids and what they would actually like. On top of that we all want to know what will make life easier as a mom. I decided to make products for that purpose. Practical items that I know are great to have, and makes life easy.
It's true that necessity is often the mother of invention.  As a mom, did you feel there were certain baby products that you felt weren't being the made the right way?

KB: Of course! Even down to something as simple as forks and spoons. At my baby shower people gave me packs of spoons. That's fine for home but when you pack your baby’s bag you don't want to just throw the spoons in the bag. Our Raising Ace eating utensils come in a carrying case. That may not mean much to some people but I hate throwing a baby spoon in a baby bag uncovered. That's like taking your toothbrush on a trip and just throwing it in your suitcase with no cover. Let's do our best to protect our babies from unnecessary germs.
We love how your brand is unisex. Tell us why you decided to make this a focus?

KB: Well that didn't take much thought. I have had a baby girl before and now I have a baby boy. When we decided to do Raising Ace we were thinking of items that would be great for all children.
Is Raising Ace a true collaboration between you and Todd? Or is one of you more involved with the business side and one more with design?

KB: It's a true collaboration between both Todd and I. Of course, we have a team to help us figure it all out. 

A lot of your designs focus on the Fox, Panda and Giraffe- what drew you to those particular three animals?

KB: The thought behind Raising Ace is that the line will grow as Ace grows. We used those animals because they reminded us of life growth stages. When you think of a panda bear, we think they eat, get fat, and sleep just like babies do. A fox is fast and on the move. That reminds us of a toddler that's always moving and getting into stuff. The giraffe obviously grows tall and stretches out which reminds us of all children. 
The bibs, onesies and towels are adorable but you also have bottles and potty seats. What is it about your versions of bottles and potties that are different from similar products on the market?

KB: Everyone takes a different approach to potty training. Some people like to sit the potty on the floor because it's easier for the child to sit and use. Some people like myself like to have the baby seat that sits on top of the toilet seat so that a child can just use and flush so there's no clean up. Our toilet offers you 3 options. You can use it on the floor, or remove the top portion and use it on top of the toilet seat. The bottom can also be turned over to use as a stepping stool. Which your children will definitely need eventually. 

 Which items in your line does Ace truly gravitate towards the most?

KB: Ace loves the teething necklace although he has grown out of that phase. It truly came in handy for me.

You do so many things while being a wife and a mother, what is your secret to making it all work? How do you stay balanced?

KB: Sometimes I feel all over the place. I do have help. Overall it takes mastering your schedule. Put everything on the calendar so that you can manage your day properly. I have my kids’ schedule on the calendar with my work so that I don't miss anything. 
What are some of your favorite songs to play for and/or sing to Ace?

KB: Honestly, Ace likes anything with a beat. He loves to dance!

You can meet Kandi and preview her amazing new Raising Ace collection at Babypalooza at Blogger Bash on July 12! 

Karyn Ravin