Famed Photographer Anne Geddes to Present New Nursery Paint Collection at Babypalooza

Internationally renowned photographer Anne Geddes has recently launched a brand new line of specially designed paint for babies’ nurseries called Anne Geddes Baby Paint, and she will be at Babypalooza at Blogger Bash to preview the collection.
Formulated with the safety and well-being of babies in mind, Geddes collaborated with British-based Master Paintmakers and utilized research that indicated how important it is for parents to create the right environment for a baby’s nursery.  Together, they have developed a beautiful color palette of 10 initial colors. 

We had a chance to sit down with Ms. Geddes to learn more before Babypalooza:
What inspired you to create this new paint collection?
AG: There is scientific evidence that creating a calm and soothing environment for your baby helps support early development. My 30 year career has been not just a celebration of new life, but also our spiritual connection with nature and the beautiful color combinations that Mother Nature gifts us every day.  I am in a unique position to have connected my passion for protecting children with this special color palette of baby paint that I hope all parents will consider as they start to design their nursery.
Can you tell us about the safety of your paints? 
AG: In the product development stage, I had spoken to a number of parents-to-be who had valid concerns around what products were safe to use in the decoration of their baby’s nursery, not least what color! The paint is water based, lead free, and low odor, making it safe for babies. It's also easy to wash once dry to withstand all the anticipated cleaning to keep baby’s room spotless.
How did you come up with the color pallet?
AG: The collection features four collections of paint colors, all beginning with the letter C: Calming Colors (Darling, Precious, and Nurture), which are designed to calm and soothe the baby; Clever Colors (Sunbeam, Bloom, and Cherish), which are supposed to simulate thought and curiosity in the baby's surroundings; Creative Colors (Heaven, Angel, and Eternal), which aim to inspire creativity in the baby; and Confident Colors (Nurture, Darling, and Adventure), which are meant to encourage the baby to play and explore while feeling supported.
We understand that a portion of sale proceeds will be donated to charity.  Which charities do you support?
AG: A portion of sale proceeds will be donated to a range of charities I have supported through my Trust and participation. 
Where can we find your new paint collection?
AG: Anne Geddes paint can found at AnneGeddesPaint.com, Amazon and Walmart.com. You can also follow Anne Geddes Paint on Twitter @AnneGeddesPaint.

Karyn Ravin