Why Coat Extensions Should Be On Your Must-Have List For Winter!

Coat extensions are a relatively new phenomenon that has gained in popularity over the past few years.  When you ask most mothers of tweens how they had survived pregnancy through the cold winter you will likely hear that they wore their husband’s oversized coat or suffered the chill with an open jacket.  Times have changed and there is now a much better alternative for expectant mothers.

A coat extension is typically an insulated panel that can be attached straight into your own winter coat between the zippers so as to create more room for your growing belly.  Co-founders of the Canadian startup Bridge the Bump understand the need for this type of accessory all too well which is why they created a multi-purpose customizable coat extension that can be worn not only during pregnancy but also for babywearing.  These are the top five reasons why coat extensions need to be on your must-have list for winter:


  1. Baby It’s Cold Outside: Of course one of the top reasons to use a coat extension is to keep warm!  When the wind is gusting and temperatures are well below freezing you will be thankful that your coat can fully zip to your chin. Bridge the Bump coat extensions are windproof and water-repellent, with premium quality insulation to keep you toasty all winter.
  2. Keep Your Sense of Style: Why settle for your partner’s oversized coat when you have a perfectly beautiful one you already love?  Being pregnant doesn’t have to mean giving up your style.  Bridge the Bump coat extensions come in various lengths and colours to maximize your options.
  3. Cost-effective: Compared to 2-in-1 maternity coat systems that include both the full coat plus a removable extension panel, coat extensions are a much more affordable option.  To justify the expense of a 2-in-1 system you would have to continue wearing the coat on its own post-pregnancy and let’s face it, most of us would prefer the coat we already own and love.
  4. Great Accessory for Babywearing: Many coat extensions allow enough room to wear over a baby in a dedicated carrier which means you might very well be using your extension for two full winters.  No need to bundle up baby for the outdoors – your own body heat will keep her close and warm. 
  5. Not Just for Moms! We can’t forget about Dads who also love to babywear.  Bridge the Bump coat extensions can be easily swapped between Mom and Dad with a simple zipper adapter so that you can both share in the cuddles on your next holiday stroll.
Karyn Ravin