A Better Baby Bottle Designed for Active Families

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After a collection of crumby bottle feeding experiences Kim and Zak Wood, the PopYum founders, realized that regular baby bottles weren’t designed for our modern parenting lifestyle. 

Since they adopted their son Jordan, they bottle fed from day one. They tried most of the popular bottles and they all produced a collection of stressful feeding moments. 

At home they would rush to make formula and make a mess as their son cried. Away from home, they tried mixing formula on-site and ended up with an overstuffed baby bag and and memories of spilling formula on planes, trains, and automobiles! 

They also tried pre-mixing the bottles, which required them to carry the bottles with an ice pack, all while worrying that the formula had spoiled. When Jordan was hungry he would get stale freezing cold formula. 

Since Zak and Kim are both working parents, Jordan went to daycare at a young age. There, they would rush to put old refrigerated pre-made formula in a steaming crock pot to warm up as Jordan cried. They thought that there must be a better way and PopYum was born. 

PopYum is a better everyday baby bottle that makes feeding more natural for today’s active families. No more having to hand mix formula in awkward spots, keep pre-mixed formula chilled or worry about leaky bottles. 

PopYum stores water and formula separately in the bottle until hunger calls. With a single hand, simply pop (press buttons to release formula into water), shake a few times and yum! Prepare enough bottles for the entire day, around town, at daycare, and for travel.

PopYum’s wide nipple and natural latch support a smooth transition from breast to bottle. The anti-colic vent returns air to the bottle, not baby’s tummy. The included funnel makes loading formula a breeze and eliminates potential contamination by stopping formula from falling into the water chamber. 

It’s also great at storing breast milk with absolutely no leaks. Breast milk or water is isolated from the nipple and vent which are the most common leak points. 

The wide bottle design is easier for baby to hold. It also eliminates the need to buy a bottle brush, since you can stick your hand into the bottle with a regular sponge to clean. 

PopYum is made of only 5 parts! That’s the same number of parts as a regular baby bottle. With so few bottle parts, clean time is a breeze. PopYum is top rack dishwasher safe. 

PopYum reduces baby bag clutter by eliminating the need to carry extra water bottles, formula containers, and cooling packs. It also reduces the need to buy plastic products which are typically used for less than a year. 

PopYum is the only bottle designed to make formula with a single hand so parents can comfort baby or multitask with their other hand! We all know that we need an extra hand, so now parents have one!

“I remember when I was driving on the freeway and Jordan starts crying for food! I pull over on the shoulder with cars whizzing by. I was fumbling with all the separate containers of stuff and spilling formula all over the car,” said Kim. “Jordan was wailing and wailing for food! It was horrible.”

“For me night feedings really sucked! I was super sleep deprived and couldn’t remember how many formula scoops I just added to the water. So I had to throw it all out and start over so many times,” said Zak. “With PopYum you just grab a preloaded bottle and Pop, Shake and Yum!”

Created by concerned parents, PopYum is made of only medical grade silicone and premium polypropylene. PopYum is BPA, BPS, latex, lead, nitrosamines, PET, phthalates, PVC and TPE free.

Kim and Zak also know firsthand the devastating effects of Lyme disease. Families with chronic Lyme disease all too often bear an incredible financial burden. Ongoing Lyme treatments are expensive, extensive and often not covered by insurance. That is why they are so excited to be able to help families in need by giving 5% of profits to charities who directly help Lyme stricken families. 

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Karyn Ravin