Simplify Parents' Lives with Baby K’tan


From birth through toddlerhood, Baby K’tan will be there to support your parenting journey. Originally established in 2007 by two couples seeking the best baby carrier for their special needs children, we have translated that search for the best into a continuing commitment to provide Moms and Dads worldwide with the safest and smartest baby products. From baby carriers, to diaper bags, to swaddle blankets and more.

Our original product, the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, has always been our pride and joy. It was designed with simplicity, comfort and ergonomics in mind so that Co-founder Michal Chesal could carry her newborn son, born with Down syndrome, in developmentally appropriate positions. Michal was unable to carry him in traditional buckle carriers due to his low muscle tone and needed a baby carrier that would hold his legs together until his hips were more developed. The solution that they created, an innovatively designed double-loop carrier, soon became known as the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier.

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is unique in that it allows Mom or Dad to comfortably wear their little one the same way they would in a baby wrap, but there is no wrapping involved. The carrier easily slips on like a t-shirt, without the hassle of buckles, rings or ties. Its patented design not only offers simplicity, but also provides superior comfort and versatility. There are no uncomfortable rings or buckles that dig into your sides or shoulders, and the double-loop design allows the carrier to be worn in 5 different wearing positions, from birth up to 35 lbs.

Available in Original, Organic, Breeze and Active versions, you can find any style to suit your needs. 

Other innovative Baby K’tan products include our Newborn Swaddle made from a breathable mesh-cotton and our line of functional diaper bags, with the newest addition being the Baby K’tan Weekender Diaper Bag. Our diaper bags are built to be practical and smart and all incorporate a built-in wet bag that is lined with an antibacterial nylon. When faced with those messy parenting moments – a spit-up ridden onesie or a diaper blowout disaster – your Baby K’tan Diaper Bag will keep you prepared. Just toss those messy items into the built-in wet bag pocket, and the antibacterial nylon will prevent the growth of germs and odor-causing bacterial. Seal it with the water tight zipper, and be on your way! The Weekender Diaper Bag also features an extra-large cooler pocket that can hold a days’ worth of bottles and snacks, a padded laptop pocket for the modern parent, and an easy-access wipes dispenser.

These Baby K’tan products and more help provide parents with some of the tools they need as they navigate the unpredictable journey of parenthood. Always working towards improving and innovating, we are committed to helping make life for Mom and Dad as smart, simple and stylish™ as possible.

Karyn Ravin