The Best COTZ Baby Sunscreens - And Something for Mom and Dad, Too!


We are in the thick of the summer season at this point, and many parents are concerned about how to properly protect their little ones’ skin from the harsh sun. There are many precautions that you can take including putting on a wide-brimmed hat, protective clothing, and sunglasses. Sunscreen is a must-have for outdoor adventures with the kids. It is so important to make sure that you aren’t using just any old sunscreen, but a gentle and safe sunscreen for your little ones. 

What sets COTZ apart is that the entire line Contains Only Titanium & Zinc (get it? C.O.T.Z.). Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are mineral sunscreens, meaning they lay on top of your skin acting like thousands of tiny mirrors reflecting the UVA-UVB rays away from your skin. COTZ Skincare has an array of sunscreen that are great for babies and children. So, let’s get to it: 

COTZ Baby SPF 40 is great for babies, as long as the child is 6 months or older. With 20% Zinc Oxide as its only active ingredient, it is soothing and gentle for sensitive baby skin. It is so easy to apply, requiring only a few gentle rubs for it to blend into the skin. 

For toddlers and kids who squirm, complain, and find any excuse not to apply sunscreen, COTZ Silky Foam Non-Tinted is the way to go. It is actually fun to apply! Kids will enjoy putting on their sunscreen because it comes out like a dollop of bubbly clouds. Now, doesn’t that sound fun? It spreads and blends so easily, so a few quick swipes, and they are on their way to their next big adventure. 

New COTZ Pure Botanicals and Minerals SPF 45 features all plant-based ingredients. For the parents who love to keep it natural, this is the perfect sunscreen for your kids, and for you too! This is a fabulous sunscreen to use as a body product for adults and children. It has a silky feel as you apply it, and a great matte finish. 

Finally, for you, because you deserve to treat and protect your skin as much as your children’s! COTZ Face Tinted is the foundation for your foundation, doubling as a makeup primer! With SPF 40 and 80 minutes water resistant, it protects against drool, spills, and bath splashes! For those days when it’s hard enough getting your children ready for the day, COTZ Face Tinted can act as a stand-alone product that helps even out your skin tone. You work hard, and we appreciate that. So, we’ve got your skin handled. 

As we wind down from the summer season, keep in mind that sunscreen is just as important the rest of the year to help protect against skin cancer and early signs of aging. As the Founder of COTZ reminds us consistently, “No babies are born with freckles!” So protect those little ones, and yourself, with The Healthier Sunscreen, COTZ!

Karyn Ravin