Mommy Matters: The New Product Company Focused on Mom

Mommy Matters is the first brand to focus on moms’ comfort and recovery through pregnancy and postpartum life. Founded by an ob/gyn, we work with pregnant women and new moms every day, and we see how hard it is for them to focus on their own comfort and recovery. Today, moms do it all. But between juggling the demands of work, home, and the chaos of this modern life, taking care of mom often doesn’t make the priority list. So we’re creating a movement for moms everywhere, because mommy matters.

Every product purchased from Mommy Matters supports moms around the world. Proceeds benefit Saving Mothers, a global non-profit organization working to reduce maternal mortality and help mothers thrive in underserved communities.

Meet our first product line:

Our super practical, medically sound products are designed to give women the tools they need to take the best care of themselves before and after childbirth. They also make great gifts for soon-to-be moms!

Mommy Matters 1.jpg

Available now on Amazon: The Portable Pregnancy Pillow

Moms on the go can’t stop for anything. That’s why we developed this portable, super-comfy pillow – light and discreet enough for anywhere, from commute to work, home, or sleep. A hot/cold gel pack helps ease the aches and pains of pregnancy.

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Coming soon: The Postpartum Panty

A must-have for any new mom, our light, airy mesh undies support repair and speed recovery. Bonus: They are designed to hold a soothing gel insert to relieve pain while her body gets back to feeling normal.

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Coming soon: The Heal & Restore Essentials Kit

Everything she needs to get on the road to recovery, our essential kit includes our postpartum underwear, nipple guards with soothing lanolin, a refreshing and antiseptic perineal spray, stretch mark cream, and postnatal vitamins.

Learn more about us and our products at and follow @becausemommymatters to stay updated on product release dates!

Karyn Ravin