Baby Banana offers 100% silicone teething toothbrush for infants and toddlers!

Baby Banana is a family owned and operated company, which was started in 2001 after a grandchild fell while brushing his teeth. The hard plastic toothbrush he was using went up through the roof of his mouth, just barely missing a fatal injury. Grandmother and daughter-in-law thought this type of accident should never happen, so they set out to invent the world’s first bendable toothbrush, which they did and it became an overnight success. 

The Baby Banana was originally intended to be a safer toothbrush, but now it is so much more! Babies love using the toothbrush during the vital teething phase. They find its soft silicone bristles especially soothing on their sore teething gums, and parents can feel good knowing they are giving baby something that is helping them develop healthy oral care habits from the earliest possible age. 

Babies can easily hold the “a-peel-ing” handles on their own, encouraging independence and hours of entertainment. The Baby Banana helps promote hand-eye-mouth coordination, and it comes highly recommended by dentists, hygienists, occupational and speech therapists. Many feeding consultants actually use the Baby Banana Toothbrush to help children with baby led weaning and exploring different foods on their own. 

Because of the unique silicone that Baby Banana products are made from, they are both soft yet durable. They can withstand the rigors of teething while providing soothing relief. Parents love that the toothbrushes can be cooled in the freezer to provide extra comfort, as well as the super easy clean-up of conveniently putting the toothbrush in the dish washer. The Baby Banana never needs to be replaced and will easily last through the entire teething phase. 

Graduating to a traditional toothbrush will be easier when baby has been used to using a toothbrush all along! We recommend introducing Baby Banana toothbrushes from the earliest possible age—even as early as 3 months old. Baby Banana is safe, soft and flexible. We didn’t invent the toothbrush, but we did make it safer. Over 6 million toothbrushes have been sold so far, and it is a #1 best selling baby product on Amazon, with over 7,000 5 star reviews. Try yours today!

Karyn Ravin