Suburban Jungle: Helps you find the perfect neighborhood free of charge.

Whether you planned to stay in the hustle and bustle for the long haul or had always planned to make your way to suburbia, it’s still hard to decide if you should stay or go. Living in the city is as amazing as it is challenging, and once you’ve mastered the transportation, the prices, the foodie scene and, of course, cramming a lifetime’s worth into a small space, it’s hard to give it up—and even harder to imagine living any other way.

Often, though, a few sneaky signs start to bubble up—signs that, while you love life in the city, the suburbs could be calling. If any—or, likely, all—of these sound familiar, it’s likely time to take the plunge and at least start looking beyond city limits and in perhaps the suburbs. Don’t worry, we are here to help.

Suburban Jungle was launched when our founder, Ali Bernstein, was in the same situation, but had no idea where to go now that she was ready to move out of the city or who to ask. There was no truly objective advice out there ... and definitely too much information to process and truly understand.

There was no real service that helped you understand the true intangibles of a town—- a true look at the insider’s life, and how all of those towns stacked up to one another ... Everyone tells you that your happy place could be wherever, but that isn’t true. The town is by far the most important decision you make in not only where you live, but how you raise your kids.

This was how Suburban Jungle was born.  We have your family’s back! Stress free, hand holding and 98% therapy, 2% real estate… pure and simple — the way your search should be. Don’t end up in the right house in the wrong town. After all, it’s about LIFESTYLE, not just real estate.

Our concept has resonated with thousands of families in NYC  — and client demand (as well as industry need) has taken us to launch in San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Boston, DC, Dallas and the Hamptons!

Karyn Ravin