Trendy Toes: An essential to your baby’s wardrobe!


We’ve been in the sock game for a long time, probably longer than we would like to admit! Your babies and children have all worn our socks at one point or another under our private label brands. But now it is our turn to truly shine under our label Trendy Toes!

Trendy Toes socks are designed with quality and comfort as a priority. Most socks out there are made out of 100% synthetic fibers. We think babies deserve better, which is why all of our socks are primarily made of combed cotton, the best for your little ones! Your baby will love the feel of these, so soft and cozy!

James 2.JPG

The first launched product under Trendy Toes is our bestselling 6- pack bubble bootie. These booties are specially designed to stay on little one’s feet. That’s right, no kicking these socks off! The bubble stitching around the cuff of the sock adds extra security to keep these on. The 6-pack bootie comes in 3 different design choices; perfect for creating outfits any day of the week. These designs are trendy all year long; no need to pack them away in the summer or winter! 

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Trendy Toes is a women’s owned children’s hosiery business founded by a mother and daughter team! Together they have over 30 years of industry experience. Find our socks online at . Follow us on Instagram @trendytoes_socks and Facebook @TrendyToesSocks.

Karyn Ravin