Meet nanobébé: Your Essentials For Breastfeeding Success

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New parents quickly learn that the journey of welcoming a little one can run a little more smoothly with the right products for baby. The innovators at nanobébé approached design with this idea in mind to create a dream team of products that make the ideal supporting cast for any nursing babe and her loved ones who feed baby. Just in the first year releasing their innovative line, nanobébé has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions of the year, winning the Health and Wellness category, and was named the “Smartest Baby Bottle Ever Made” by Business Insider. Focusing on convenience, nutrition, and smooth transitions, (whether you’re a new mom ready to go back to work, other family members want to feed your little one, or you’re just pumping in general) nanobébé is there to support your breastfeeding journey.

Nanobébé created the first and only bottle specifically designed for breast milk, named “Best Bottle for Breastfed Babies” by theBump. The design behind the nanobébé bottle protects the vital nutrients in your breast milk during the storage and rewarming process, without causing nipple confusion so that you can go between breast and bottle with ease. Moms rave about how easily the bottle is accepted by their little ones who often reject others. Babies are drawn to the familiar breast-like shape that cools and warms milk quickly (2-3 times faster than standard bottles!), so nutrients stay intact and new parents can get some much-needed sleep. The bottles are stackable for easy storage and travel, a nanobébé travel cooler is also available. Mom can pump directly into, store milk, and feed all from the same bottle: so it’s an all-in-one game changer.

Nanobébé has an entire family of products designed to make feeding convenient without compromising on style. That includes an award-winning breastmilk storage bag system, day and night nursing pads, a slim drying rack, sterilizer, pacifiers, gift sets, and more. 

nanobébé is available for purchase and registry at Walmart, buybuy Baby, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond (online), Babylist and Target.

Karyn Ravin